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Health – your health! Yes that’s what matters for us most at the betawi salad.

Why Salad ?

Adding a salad to your daily routine is a super convenient way of getting your vitamins and required nutrients and macros for the day.
This high Fiber, lower calorie meal makes it a well balanced
part of your everyday nutrients requirements and is pay off with plenty of health benefits. High Fiber keeps you full for a longer time, can help aid weight loss.

Traditionally salads were known to be prepared of only raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and onion which are cut into slices and sprinkled with a pinch of salt and lemon. They were either served as the smallest portion among the other food items in the meal plate or totally ignored.
At the Betawi salad, our main aim is to create awereness into the mindset of Indonesians towards health by changing peoples perspectives on boring salads, we spice up our salads with local greens and local delicacies made with lesser oil, no added preservatives and def no nastiness.
We want our community to understand there is no need of diets when you are eating the healthy way. We skillfully craft each bowl with bursts of flavour to quench your appetite just the way you like it

Dressings are crafted with love on a no mayo no preservatives policy. We take pride in using local medicinal herbs to Ensure you have no unwanted excess calories.
The Betawi Salad

AboutThe Betawi Salad

The Betawi Salad is a modern Indonesian Salad and health fresh bar focusing on local taste that nourishes one well without skimping on flavour.

We focus on building a Long term healthy relationship with food wich can be incorporated into your lifestyle. This is the key to maintain a lifelong commitment to your health both physically and mentally.

Our mission will make us strive to serve local greens to modern tables by skillfully crafting each bowl with bursts of flavour to quench ones appetite and to educate our customers to healthy living.

  • Untuk sobat yang mengaku pecinta salad, wajib mencicipi sajian menu salad dari The Betawi Salad. Salah satu asupan makanan sehat yang banyak dikonsumsi oleh masyarakat sekarang ini. Dan The Betawi Salad tidak hanya sekedar sayuran yang dilengkapi dengan dressing saja, namun juga menawarkan menu yang sangat variatif.
    Soul of Jakarta.com
    Soul of Jakarta.com
  • The Betawi Salad is a modern, healthy salad bar inspired by Indonesian flavours. Thankfully, we can now enjoy the best of both worlds at The Betawi Salad, a healthy salad bar that infuses Indonesian taste into modern healthy bowls.
    Jessica Gunawan
    Jessica Gunawan
  • Mau Healty food Mau 'Healthy Food' dengan Rasa Enak yang Gugah Selera? Sebaiknya Anda Coba The Betawi Salad
    Hasiolan Eko P Gultom
    Hasiolan Eko P Gultom


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